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Web Transfer to 1 For Websites

Worry Free Switching to 1 For Websites - No Downtime Transfer

We know changing hosts can be a real hassle, but with 1 For Websites Seamless Changeover, things are so simple. If you are tired of the way your curent host service is looking after you, then seamlessly change to our associate company1 For Websites and experience our friendly and knowledgeable support team.


Transfer hosting service to Aussie Interconnect


You want to change hosting to us, but don't know how or are afraid of downtime with your website. Then keep reading and we will show you how. At 1 For Websites, they guarantee that there will be no downtime at all for your site during the migration as long as you follow the procedures below.

Backup! ! Backup! ! Backup! !

Before you do anything - The first step in the transferring process is to backup all your files including database files. You can use a good FTP program and download all your files from your old hosting company into your local computer.

Below are the steps that you need to do to ensure a smooth and easy transition for your website.

  • Register with 1 For Websites
  • 1 For Websites will give you a temporary URL for you to upload and test your website.
  • Test your website in the temporary URL and make sure everything is working as it should.
  • Once you are happy with everything, advise us and we will activate and monitor the DNS transfer on your behalf.
  • Please note : This is most important - do not terminate your hosting account with your current provider if you do not want any downtime for your site, during the migration. This is because DNS (domain) migration will take between 12-48 hours to complete.
  • When the DNS migration to 1 For Websites has been confirmed, you can then safely terminate your hosting account with your old provider.

Should you require this service, please write "No downtime change over" on Comment box during registration process.

Get 2 Months FREE Hosting with 1 For Websites when you register on any yearly plan.

Guaranteed - NO HIDDEN COSTS !!!

If you have any questions about this process or you decided you would like for us to do the transfer for you, please contact the tech support department and they will be more than happy to assist you.

If you would like for our site transfer team to move your website files, databases, emails, etc. to your new 1 For Websites hosting account, please open a tech support ticket and provide us with the information below.

Please include the following:

1) Previous Host Server IP
2) cPanel Username (if applicable)
3) cPanel Password (if applicable)
4)Administrator username and Password if applicable


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