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SEO Packages - First Page Of Google SEO

To improve the search engine ranking of a web page, for a particular keyword, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the vital process of optimising a website. To ensure that your website is getting traffic from the search engines, we actively work on it to give the search engines the reason they need to rank the site.
The SEO process requires attention to detail and a comprehensive and advanced understanding of how the search engine algorithms and robots operate.
Aussie Interconnect understands the importance of both good design and effective on-line SEO.

We offer tiered SEO packages to ensure that the website we build for you reaches its greater target audience, as follows:

Standard Package 


Per month Standard SEO

3-10 Targeted Keyword/Phrases 
Monthly Ranking Reports
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Marketing Package 


Per month

Marketing SEO

11-20 Targeted Keyword/Phrases 
Monthly Ranking Reports
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Performance Package 


Per month

Performance SEO

21-30 Targeted Keyword/Phrases 
Monthly Ranking Reports
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Maintenance Package 


Per month

Maintenance SEO

Weekly/Monthly SEO Reports 
Up to 30 Keywords/Phrases tracked.
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We de-mystify SEO by sharing our first page of Google techniques with our clients.

How do we get you on the first page of Google

High ROI SEO Packages

We don't pretend the only way to rank is with professional blog posts and charge a fortune. Nor do we resort to spammy techniques against Google's policies. Our SEO packages are engineered for the highest return on investment.


Future Proof Rankings

Google's recent changes placed emphasis on link diversity. The winners (including our clients) have websites with a natural mixture of backlinks. This is no accident, but a result of our focus on trends and the future of search.

Transparent reporting

We provide full reporting, in fact we use these reports to help you understand and get the best ROI from your SEO package. From rank tracking reports, to website reviews, you are shown the results and how we get there.


No Contracts

Many SEO companies lock in a contract and take their foot off the gas. Not at Aussie. We earn your ongoing business by growing your business. If for any reason you'd like to stop or pause your SEO package you can do so at any time.


Why are SEO packages run monthly?

There are several reasons we recommend to run Google SEO packages on a monthly basis. Your competitors are constantly improving their websites and building backlinks, by stopping your Google SEO campaign, you give them the opportunity to pass you by. Backlinks should be built up gradually, and consistently, building 1000's of links in a few days is a sure way to demonstrate an unnatural link profile to Google, and fall out of the search engines ranking.

Keyword Research.

Keyword research is a foundation of SEO Packages. Targeting the right keywords will amplify the results of your SEO package by providing targeted website traffic that is more likely to convert into customers. This also reduces costs, as more targeted and niche keywords have lower competition than generic keywords. 

Google integration & SEO package setup

Before link building starts we need to get your website integrated with Google tools and our own reporting software setup to get the most benefit. We setup Google Analyitcs to measure your website traffic information, Google Webmaster tools to monitor your website health, and our own tools to monitor keyword ranking changes, backlinks, and setup reporting.

Website optimisation

Having your website optimised for Google and your target keywords is critical to achieving a good ranking. Solid website optimisation ensures Google understands your theme and relevant keywords, and is therefore more likely to show your website in relevant search results. We use our own website optimisation checklists to make improvements or we can send a report to your website developer.

Link building techniques

Each month we use a variety of techniques to grow your search engine ranking. This provides a diverse link portfolio which is the key to future proofing your website rankings. The techniques used depend on the SEO package, our research of current SEO trends and your business.


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