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The key to any successful Social Media Marketing campaign is a solid Social Media Strategy! Regardless of whether you are keen on managing your organisation's Social Media Marketing in- house or you wish to outsource the function, Aussie Interconnect will help you by formulating a strategy that will deliver results.

Mobile friendly Social MediaAt Aussie Interconnect, formulating a Social Media Strategy for your business begins with answering the following questions:

- Which Social Media channels are most appropriate
- What message are we going to communicate
- When are we going to communicate
- Who will be allowed to communicate

Getting the answers correct for these questions will ensure a successful strategy formulation; one that will level the playing field where you effectively compete with the industry leaders. You must remember that Social Media, while it has the potential to make your brand, it can also break it. Thus, the importance of formulating a correct Social Media Strategy. solomoIT will work with you and provide you consultation on how we can go about getting the basics right for your brand to take-off, leveraging on the power of Social Media. We will help you achieve your social media goals, by creating a structured, systematic, social media strategy that is designed to meet your specific objectives.

Our fully integrated Social Media Management service will allow you to manage your business, while we manage your Social Media profiles as a part of your team!

We will start by establishing which Social Media presence on the channels that will benefit your business the most; Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ to name a few.

At Aussie Interconnect, our team consists of specialists who will handle your day to day Social Media activities, which include but aren't limited to:

- Daily content creation that would be both informative and creative to contribute positively towards the social community, thus enforcing your brand as an opinion leader
- Managing daily interaction to engage with audiences and businesses alike to establish your brand as a part of the community
- Monitoring to ensure that Social Media objectives are being achieved and there's positive ROI generated

We understand that all Social Media activities need to be tailored for your requirements and as a result we deliver a bespoke strategy, accurate targets and regular reporting. Aussie Interconnect's Social Media Management revolves around making your life easier while allowing you to focus on the core functions of your business.


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