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Hack Clean Up

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Price: $ 295.00

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security2Has your Joomla site been a victim of hackers? If so, we have the fix for you.

It all starts with a full audit, that gathers information about your site. This then allows us to look under the hood of a hacked website, identify core files that have been modified, locate hackers backdoors, shells, remote code and other "bad" things with a simple control panel interface which expediates your repair to get the site back online and safe again. 



Aussie Interconnect offers our Full Hack CleanUp that will eliminate the viruses and get you back up and running.

Our security trained technicians will -  

  • Complete audit of your whole site
  • Identify and Remove Malware, Viruses, Trojan horses, root-kit* and other hacker code.
  • Identify and remove any malware that may be sending SPAM out from your server.
  • Locate modified core Joomla files and identify changes
  • Update your Joomla! to the latest versions.**(This is not an Upgrade to a new series)
  • Review the log files of the site to determine how the hacker broke in.
  • Close up security holes.
  • Ensure conformity to Joomla specific security best practices
  • Advise you on other actions you can take to stay safe. 

Sample Report



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  • Immediate relief from the attackers
  • Security of your Site restored
  • Inventory of extensions that will need to be updated for security purposes
  • Update of the latest Joomla version for your site

How to get started

  1. Purchase the Hack CleanUp - Click 'Order Now' link below
  2. The Aussie Interconnect Security Team will contact you after your payment has been processed.

Our Guarantee : No Fix = No Charge - 100% Refund if not repaired.

Fee Structure

Our standard fee of $295.00 applies to all submissions. 

Note: Most services we have provided over the years fall within the AUD 295 bracket, it is very rare for us to need any extension to resolve issues. We WILL ADVISE YOU prior to commencing any work if we think the final fee will be greater than AUD 295

If we are unable to resolve your problem then there will be no fee charged!

We do not charge for connection issues, or issues relating to installing or running the audit tool on your site. We do charge however for things like: Fixing your hacked site for you, for reviewing your audit results manually and making changes to your site ourselves etc... 

Response Time

Since hacking is such a serious issue Aussie Interconnect will have one of our specialty trained hack recovery specialists begin work on your hacked website typically the same day. Orders placed before 5:00 PM AEST time Monday through Friday will be reviewed the same day. 

* While very rare, some root-kits infect the server themselves, preventing Aussie Interconnect from removing those. We will provide you specific instructions on next steps.

** Certain restrictions apply to update


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