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Web Services

Promote your business, product, idea, or service either locally, nationally, or worldwide, for a few cents a day with Aussie Interconnect's Worldwide Web program. 

WebdesignThe main reasons you should consider an advertising forum such as this are: 

  1. REPEATED EXPOSURE (24 Hours a day/7 days a week/365 days a year.)
  2. EXTREMELY COST EFFECTIVE (No other form of advertising can compare.)
  3. HUGE AUDIENCE BASE (Growing by thousands of users daily!)

In addition to web hosting, we are dedicated to providing our clients with a professional, affordable web and stationery design service. Below are some of the graphical services that we offer to you. For a speedy reply, direct any enquiries to Contact Aussie Interconnect . Thank you. 

Some of the graphical services that we offer .... 

  • Web site design & maintenance
  • Business logo design.
  • Custom banner design.
  • Custom graphics for web or print.

Design Details 

Home base for web design and web hosting

With Aussie Interconnect you get the best value for your hard earned dollar. Our backup service personnel take pride in the way they help you maintain and operate your site. Try our help line and be pleasantly surprised.

Professional approach and dedication to customer satisfaction.

Our philosophy is that the customer always comes first. In fact we pride ourselves on this approach which has given us our large list of satisfied clients. Indeed this has become the spine of our success to date and we will continue to support and assist everyone who utilises our services

Web design personnel

All our tech's and consultants are continually training to keep abreast of the ever changing WWW and its technology. This expertise is available for you to utilise in any capacity, thus enabling you to keep your site ahead of your opposition.


This is one of the most significant points for you to consider. The Web developer you select, should be working for you to maintain your presence on the web and thus ensure that your page is working for you and is not just an identifying service. Any assistance you may require is only an e-mail away and that's when you need it, not two or three days later.

Our Pricing Structure!

Our costings are very competitive and are inclusive of GST. In fact we invite you to compare the extras provided here at Aussie Interconnect with our competitors. We have! 

Webpage Scripting Support 

Website design and error support

This is an additional service that Aussie Interconnect is offering for an additional fee of $75.00 per hour per incident. Only web page related problems and questions are supported in this service. All other general server related issues should be directed to our regular customer support page which incurs no additional charge to our customers. 

Contact Aussie Interconnect stating the nature and address of your problem.


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