Data Recovery

data recovery

1 For Computers offer a data-recovery services that can recover lost files after a hardware crash, software problem or virus. We can also help you to backup your photos, music and videos and other data safely.

Server Support

servers managment

Not everyone needs or has a Server but if you do have one, it is critical for reliability and security that it is maintained. To often we are called out to a site where the Server has been allowed to sit unattended, forgotten, in a back corner with the result that no maintenance has been done and not there is an issue. Let’s face it, you wouldn’t drive your car around without maintaining it or getting it serviced would you?

1 For Computers offers a Server Maintenance Plan to suit your IT needs and it will ensure that your Server is running securely and efficiently. Call us to discuss your needs.

Server Selection:
There are many options for Servers in the market and you will hear of Microsoft Server which can be run in a Virtual Machine, you will hear of NAS as a cost effective solution and you will hear of Cloud storage as a replacement for a Server. You may even hear of a Redhat or Centos Server.
There are so many options being offered and so few that might actually be the right choice for your growing business. 1 For Computers can provide the right information for you to make an informed decision on your Server needs, as well as providing a full installation and customisation service.

Cloud Services

cloud services

Many of our customers have little understanding of Cloud Services. This we can understand, it’s more of that computer jargon that no one ever explains in plain language. To our customers, Cloud Services are comprised of a Back up Service and File Storage services.
Many people use Google Backup & Sync or Dropbox without realising these are Cloud Services. Be aware that despite the names used, there are NOT true backup services. Feel free to call and ask us why.
1 For Computers offers a reliable full service backup system which takes the worry out of your data security. Lets face it, your data is your business, if you loose your customer list, your suppliers list, your quotes and contracts etc you have no business. Backup is essential and it needs to be off-site to ensure it’s integrity in the case of a disaster. We have a Cloud container based in Sydney and supported by Amazon which we utilise for your backups. Your data never leaves the country and is available 24/7. It is kept in a secure environment and is encrypted to prevent unauthorised access.
File Storage:
1 For Computers offers advise on file storage in the Cloud to all out customers. Rather than running a file server it is often more cost effective and a lot more flexible to store your data in the Cloud. It is then accessible from multiple devices in any location you have an internet connection. A great solution for those who work outside the office.


On Site Support

online support

In this complex world of IT we find that the actual problem is not contained just within the device on the desk or in your hand. Bringing your laptop to us doesn’t always bring the problem to us. The solution is our On Site Support service.

We often see that problems are a complex mix of the IT environment involving the Internet, the network system in your premises as well as the actual device that is not behaving as expected. Being on site means we can trouble shoot these complex issues quickly and effectively so you get back to work faster.


consulting1 For Computers offers a wide range of Consulting Services to our customers. Use our expertise to help decide what IT is the right fit for your business, whether it’s selection of office or mobile devises, data storage, internet access or even the right word processor.

Our broad experience with small business means we have the right answers for your business.


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